Privacy Policy

Rio Juice Romania knows the importance of your personal data and takes seriously the protection and security of the collected data as well as compliance with the legal provisions in force regarding them (law 677/2001, law no. 506/2004). The administrator of the Rio Juice Romania website has taken all technical and organizational measures to protect and secure all the data with which Rio Juice Romania operates and updates these measures as legislative or technological changes occur.

We continue to provide you with details about how we collect and operate with the personal data of our visitors and clients, and how to intervene in these operations. If, after reading the explanations below, you need more clarifications or have questions, please write to us at and we will send you a documented answer as soon as possible, without undue delay. To address your email correctly, please write "GDPR" in the subject of the respective message.

What data does collect?

We collect data that can identify exactly a person, absolutely necessary for placing an order and executing the contract (order confirmation, invoicing). These data are: name, first name, email address, phone number. These data will be completed by the visitor who wants to open an account, place an order or contact us through the contact form.

We collect anonymous data, transmitted by the browser with which each visitor navigates on These anonymous personal data are collected through "cookies" files, which any visited site places in the visitor's browser. Through these data, Rio Juice Romania cannot identify the person exactly, but they are necessary for analysis and advertising (see also point 3 below). The data collected through these cookies are: IP address, location, device and browser used to navigate the site, date and time of site use. For the complete list of personal data transmitted by the browser used for browsing, check the information from the browser you are browsing with and the section

The purpose for which Rio Juice Romania collects personal data:
We collect and use personal data to the extent permitted by law or if we have received consent from our visitor or customer.

We collect personal data for
fulfillment of contractual obligations.

Analysis of navigation on the website, identification of unclear points and improvement of the experience of Rio Juice Romania visitors. Based on this analysis, we will make changes to the site, we will improve the portfolio, we will improve the targeting of the offers, we will do everything possible so that the visitors benefit from the best experience.

for marketing purposes, sending information about new releases, special promotions, personalized vouchers for loyal customers, advertising.


The right of access to identifiable personal data and the right to intervene on them are both allowed to the customer 24 hours a day, in his customer account. The Rio Juice Romania customer account is the customer's personal space, where he can complete or modify his personal data as he wishes, after logging in with his own email address and password. In the Rio Juice Romania databases, these data are kept according to the client's declaration, without being altered. The operators of Rio Juice Romania cannot intervene on the data from the customer's account except at the express request of the customer. If a customer declares the data incorrectly, it is his responsibility to correct them. Of course, Rio Juice Romania operators will do their best to contact the customer if they notice an error in the data provided (incorrect email address or non-existent delivery address), but the final responsibility for the correctness of the data remains with the customer.

Anonymous personal data can be changed through cookie management. For details on how anonymous personal data can be changed through cookie management, the visitor is asked to consult the instructions in the browser used for navigation or to access the Cookies section on

Withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data: In the event that a customer who initially gave his consent to the processing of data wishes to withdraw this agreement, he can do so by sending a message to the address (with the subject "GDPR - deletion of account") by which to notify us of this. The message must be sent from the email address with which the account for which processing consent is withdrawn was created. The operators of Rio Juice Romania will make the requested changes as soon as possible and without undue delay. In case of withdrawal of the processing agreement, the data recorded in the respective account will no longer be visible to the online operators of and they will obviously no longer be able to provide any information related to the respective account (service information, about past orders, etc. ).

A customer's right to be forgotten: If a customer wishes to delete his account and all personal data from the Rio Juice Romania database, he is asked to send a message to with the subject "GDPR - account deletion ” and content: “I want you to delete my account and personal data”. The message must be sent from the email address with which the account for which deletion is requested was created. The respective account will be deleted from the computer systems as soon as possible and without undue delay. If, however, the respective data or part of them were used for purposes for which the legislation in force requires their preservation for a certain period of time, the data required by the law will be kept according to the legal basis and deleted after the end of the legal period (for example the data used for invoicing, where there is a legal obligation to be kept for 10 years according to Order of the Ministry of Public Finance 2634/2015, Annex 1, C. point 38). Access to these data will be allowed only to the operators who have the right to process the respective data, according to the legislation in force.

Users of the website also benefit from the following rights
The right to information: the operator is obliged to inform the data subject about the processing of his personal data.
The right of opposition: the data subject has the right to object at any time to the data concerning him being the object of processing.
The right not to be subject to an individual decision made on the basis of automatic processing.
The right to go to justice
The right to data portability
The right to file a complaint with the national data protection authority.


Transmission of personal data to third parties.
"Third parties" are entities different from Rio Juice Romania with whom we interact. Rio Juice Romania will not transmit the personal data of its customers except to those entities that are absolutely necessary for the performance of the contract or for advertising purposes for the development of the portfolio. Personal data can also be transmitted to public authorities if they request this.

Here are the "third parties" we work with and the reasons why we could transmit personal data to them:

online marketing service providers (eg Google, Facebook) for advertising. The data transmitted to these companies are those that cannot precisely identify the individual. See the complete list on the page

the competent bodies of the state, based on an express request made by them and within the limits of the legal provisions in force.

How long are personal data kept:
The personal data of customers is kept in our systems as long as the customer interacts with us and wants to keep the account. If a customer requests the deletion of personal data, the request is propagated in the systems within a maximum of 30 days.

The personal data collected on the basis of cookies are processed for the duration of the visitor's consent, as set in the browser he uses.